About The Project

Shoppers Stop is one of India's biggest fashion retail chains with stores and outlets across all of India.

The brand wanted to launch a women-focused campaign with a CSR plug-in that would generate engagement online as well as increase physical footfalls.

How I Contributed

Seeing women around me struggle with sanitary napkins and being fairly active in the NGO scene myself, I suggested that we team up with an NGO that'd make sanitary napkins using old donated clothes for the benefit of the less privileged.

After hours of ideation with the creative team, we identified employment opportunities this campaign could generate and also set the specifics in place.

I worked with the art director to get my vision out, while another agency helped us out with influencers who'd be willing to be a part of this. For aesthetics purposes, we decided to color code the campaign in a grid format for social media, while also focusing on how this initiative was going to be staying active all year long.

The campaign reached 7 million people and generated over 8.7 million impressions.

Shoppers Stop's Annual Report FY2019-20

The actual stats are proof that a difference had been made, and that the effort was worth it.


Shoppers Stop launches ‘Recycle for her Cycle’ program on Women’s Day.

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