We Have Changed

About Weikfield

Weikfield is an Indian FMCG brand, headquartered in Pune, known for its varieties of pasta and custard, amongst other make-at-home and ready-to-cook products.

About 'We Have Changed'

During the pandemic, as more people were staying at home, the number of home cooks significantly increased. Because of this, there was a higher demand for Weikfield's make-at-home and ready-to-cook products.

The brand, therefore, wanted to rebrand itself to be relevant and tell its audience that while a lot of things in the world have changed, some things haven't, including the brand itself.

How I Contributed

My script concept was selected from the 12 other concepts that were pitched. I wrote the script and collaborated with the design and animation teams for execution. I was also in charge of shortlisting the voiceover artist for this.

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